Spulber Stelian

Stelian Spulber

Cinema and Media Engineering

Name:Stelian Spulber
Date of birth:04/06/1994
Address:Turin, Italy
Phone:+39 393 4203061
Hi, I'm a sound something. My life is about sound, in all its shapes and applications. I'm currently studying Cinema and Media Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin, trying to link numbers with cinema.


11.2015 - 12.2015

I.P.S. Albe Steiner

Sound Teacher

Substitute Teacher of Sound Laboratory and Audio Post Production at Albe Steiner. I taught there for 18 hours p/week, teaching in different classes of the Audiovisual Department, the course’s fundamentals, resuming various topics taught by other teachers in the past years and implementing the course with examples of short movies, sound applications and other uses trying to give the course a more interactive imprint.

Business or sector: Education (Audio-visual Department).

10.2014 - 11.2014

Heavy Man Films


Business or sector: Audio-visual production.

09.2014 - 10.2014

Big Idea Films Ltd

Sound Engineer

Working on Sound Department, for feature “Point Of No Return”: sound mixer and boom operator.
Directed by: Kevin Glynn.


Business or sector: Film production.

2012 - 2013

Inside Out Visual Projects

Video and Audio Editor

Editing for a video commissioned by Ima Cuscinetti Italy, aimed at an International Fair in Germany.

Editing for a screensaver to propose to Petronas, aimed at Mercedes-Benz AMG dealers.


Business or sector: Graphics, Advertising and Media production.

2012 - 2013


Audiovisual Technician, Web Designer

Editing of some commercial videos.
Web development.
Advertising with Google Adwords.

Websites developed:,,,


Business or sector: Audio-visual production, Web Design


11.2014 - present

Polytechnic University of Turin- Turin, Italy

Bachelor's Degree: Cinema and Media Engineering

Main topics and subjects:

  • Advertising: Languages and Market Outlook
  • Creativity, Technology and New Media
  • Digital Technologies
  • Ethics and Law Of Communications
  • Languages and Techniques of Cinema and Performing Arts
  • Media Economics
  • Media Design
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Science
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Signal Theory and Signal Processing
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry
  • Mathematical Analysis I
  • Mathematical Analysis II
  • Mathematical Methods for Engineers
  • Physics I

Bachelor’s Degree: Cinema and Media Engineer.

Score: qualification not achieved yet.

09.2009 - 07.2014

I.P.S. Albe Steiner- Turin, Italy

Audiovisual Industry Technician, Audio specialisation

Main topics and subjects:

  • Audiovisuals Language
  • Multimedia Production
  • Sound Recording
  • Sound Production
  • Video Editing
  • Video Shooting

High School Diploma: Audiovisual Industry Technician.

Score: 100/100.

Heavy Man Films

Tomek Ciezki

Stelian’s duties included audio post production and video editing.
During his work-placement Stelian demonstrated high level of technical and theoretical knowledge, professionalism, punctuality, high work ethic and reliability.

The easiness of communicating his innovative ideas, proactive approach, and taking initiative when working on given tasks were second to none.

His passion for working with sound makes him a very fast and eager learner. I was very impressed with Stelian’s high level of English which is always a concern when taking foreign students on board for an internship.

Stelian’s wide skill set and friendly personality is a great match hard to find these days so my advise would be taking him onboard straight away before someone else will find out about his great capabilities.

Tomek Ciezki, CEO,
Heavy Man Films
Cork, Ireland.

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AddressTurin, Italy
Phone+39 393 4203061

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